Tekstilec, 2021, vol. 64(4)




276      Elise Diestelhorst, Jan Lukas Storck, Bennet Brockhagen, Timo Grothe, Inken Blanca Post, Thorsten Bache, Rumen Korchev, Anke Rattenholl, Frank Gudermann, Andrea Ehrmann

Necessary Parameters of Vertically Mounted Textile Substrates for Successful Cultivation of Cress for Low-Budget Vertical Farming

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2021.64.276-285

First Published November 15, 2021


286      Aleksandra Micic, Ivanka Ristic, Suzana Djordjevic, Nebojsa Ristic, Dragan Djordjevic

Adsorbent from Textile Waste for Removal of Textile Reactive Dye from Water – Equilibrium Adsorption and Kinetics

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2021.64.286-297

First Published November 15, 2021


298      Ilda Kazani, Majlinda Hylli, Pellumb Berberi

Electrical Resistivity of Conductive Leather and Influence of Air Temperature and Humidity

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2021.64.298-304

First Published November 16, 2021


305      Malek Alshukur

Effect of Spinning Triangle and Production Speed of Hollow-Spindle System on the Bouclé Yarn Structure

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2021.64.305-316

First Published November 18, 2021


317      Tetiana Ielina, Liudmyla Halavska, Nataliia Ausheva

Macro-Modelling of Rib-Knitted Tubular Parts

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2021.64.317-324

First Published November 18, 2021


325      Sibel Kaplan, Betül Akgünoğlu

Transfer and Friction Characteristics of Sports Socks Fabrics Made of Synthetic Fibres in Different Structures

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2021.64.325-337

First Published November 19, 2021


338      Md. Mazharul Islam, Md. Reazuddin Repon, Md. Shohan Parvez, Md. Mahbubul Haque, Mohammad Abdul Jalil

Factors Affecting Apparel Pattern Grading Accuracy: Existing Software Solutions Comparison and Development of New Solution

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2021.64.338-360

First Published November 28, 2021