Ajda Car, Sabina Bračko

Influence of Basic Colour Parameters on Colour Memory

First Published October 2, 2019


Habiba Halepoto, Tao Gong, Kashif Kaleem

Real-Time Quality Assessment of Neppy Mélange Yarn Manufacturing Using Macropixel Analysis

First Published October 3, 2019


Rimma Uysal, Jack B. Stubbs

A New Method of Printing Multi-Material Textiles by Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

First Published October 3, 2019


Sujit Kumar Sinha, Akshay Sharma, Subhankar Maity

Thermal Resistance and Moisture Management Behaviour of Nettle/Polyester Nonwoven Fabrics

First Published October 10, 2019


Zhong Lv, Jin-Ping Guan, Ren-Cheng Tang, Guo-Qiang Chen

Flame-retardant treatment of silk fabric with sodium phytate and chitosan using the layer-by-layer padding technique

First Published October 11, 2019


J N Chakraborty, Yashdeep Sharma

Comparative Performance of Synthesised Silica Nanoparticles for Enhanced Hydrophilic Properties on Cotton

First Published October 19, 2019