Tekstilec, 2019, vol. 62(3)




158   Sumon Mozumder, Samit Chakraborty, Md. Saiful Hoque

Evaluation of Personal Factors of Workers Aff ecting Productivity in RMG Sector in Bangladesh

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2019.62.158-165

First Published August 7, 2019


166   Shamima Akter Smriti, Shah Alimuzzaman Belal, Md. Mahbubul Haque, Md. Ismail Hossain, Nawshin Farzana, Abu Naser Md Ahsanul Haque

Prognosis of Dimensional Stability and Mass per Unit Area of Single Jersey Cotton Knitted Fabric with Fuzzy Inference System

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2019.62.166-180

First Published August 18, 2019


181   Marija Gorjanc, Mateja Kert, Amra Mujadžić, Barbara Simončič, Petra Forte-Tavčer, Brigita Tomšič, Klara Kostajnšek

Cationic Pretreatment of Cotton and Dyeing with Fallopia Japonica Leaves

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2019.62.181-186

First Published September 3, 2019


187   Pranav Mazumdar, J N Chakraborty

Dyeing of Cotton with Indigo Using Alkaline Protease and Additives

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2019.62.187-199

First Published September 6, 2019


200   Robin Böttjer, Jan Lukas Storck, Dominik Vahle, Bennet Brockhagen, Timo Grothe, Sabine Herbst, Karl-Josef Dietz, Anke Rattenholl, Frank Gudermann, Andrea Ehrmann

Influence of Textile and Environmental Parameters on Plant Growth on Vertically Mounted Knitted Fabrics

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2019.62.200-207

First Published September 12, 2019


208   Nadia Hozić, Mateja Kert

Influence of Different Colourants on Properties of Cotton Fabric, Printed with Microcapsules of Photochromic Dye

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2019.62.208-218

First Published September 20, 2019


219   Zhengwei Huang, Xueke Pei, Jing Xi, Bestoon Othman, Sher Ali1, Ling Lin

The Influence of Consumers’ Perception on Perceived Value and Purchase Intention with respect to Regional Products Based on a C-A-B Model

DOI: 10.14502/Tekstilec2019.62.219-228

First Published September 24, 2019